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Only Way to Learn Astrology: Vol 3 - Horoscope Analysis
Joan McEvers
Marion D. March

This book continues the tradition of Volumes 1 and 2 by presenting refinements of astrological interpretation, as well as the actual process of "putting it all together" into a meaninggul, informative analysis. Part 1 - Liberally sprinkled throughtout this section are horoscopes of famous and fascinating personalities that illustrate the 144 possible placements of house rulers - information not easily found in any other source. Part 2 - Here you will find examples and demonstration of the authors' depth analysis using the horoscopes of four prominent individuals. Part 3 - This section covers special, specific areas of delineation such as health, vocation, personal appearance, marraige and more. 52 charts are shown and interpreted to demonstrate the techniques!


Only Way to Learn Astrology: Vol 3 - Horoscope Analysis $15.95